Legal and Safety
Lithium Battery Safety Warning

NFB uses LIFEPO4 batteries and all safety warnings from the NFB battery shall be adhered to..

1. It is not acceptable to use and leave the battery near sources of heat and fire.

2. Do not use direct AC power for charging. DC only.

3. Short circuiting of NFB the positive and negative battery terminals is strictly prohibited.

4. Do not throw the NFB battery into a fire or heater.

5. No tapping or throwing, stepping on NFB.

6. User shall not to solder the NFB batteries direct and to pierce them with sharp objects.

Use of NFB with Lithium Batteries

All NFB units have BMS safety built in  specified by the battery manufacturer.

1. When the NFB lithium battery is connected to the inverter, a spark may be generated at the moment of contact (caused by the capacitors inside the inverter needing to be charged first and thus generating a momentary high current). The size of the spark is related to the power rating of the inverter. This is a normal phenomenon and not a short circuit of the battery.

2. Do not connect to NFB (a small capacity battery) to a high power inverter as this will cause the battery to discharge at a high current. ALL NFBS can be charged with a LIFEPO4 3 amp to 10 amp charger.. no more no less.. NFB MAX battery size is 50 AH . Exceeding the rated value can lead to battery damage or even safety accidents.

3. Avoid instantaneous discharge current of lithium battery which may damage the lithium battery.

4. NFB Lithium battery charging must use a special charger for lithium battery. Check that the charging voltage corresponds to the battery requirements.

5. The NFB lithium battery connection cable should be chosen correctly according to the current size. Do not use thinner wires to connect high power loads, this can lead to serious safety accidents.

6. When connecting the wires to the lithium battery, crimp the appropriate terminals and choose according to the current size. Do not wrap the wires directly around the positive and negative bolts of the lithium battery.

7. When connecting the NFB lithium battery to the wires, make sure that the positive and negative bolts of the lithium battery are torqued tightly. Otherwise, the bolts will generate a great deal of heat and cause the case as well as the wires to melt, leading to a safety accident.

8. Do not connect NFB in parallel or series with any LIFEPO4 or lead acid or AGM batteries .

Disposal of NFG: Contact your local battery dealer for environmentally friendly disposal options.  Batteries Plus is one source who handles the LIFEPO4 disposal.

NFB reserves the right to substitute all components to fill orders and properly size the system. LED Light provided based on availability and warranty for 30 days.


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